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Welcome to Daffnee Cohen

Welcome! Find the things that drive me and the resources and opportunities you are seeking to improve your quality of life. As an entrepreneur and expert in online marketing I can help you grow and develop your brand, help you become a trusted and renowned expert in your field, and show you the beauty in working for yourself.

Alongside my passions for developing brands and messages, I am a lifestyle activist and curator. I can help you understand the true concepts behind healthy and satisfying living, even on a tight schedule, and a tight budget.

It’s a crazy journey we can take on together. Subscribe for access to my blogs, video tutorials, recipes, and lifestyle tips, Cheers!

Daffnee’s Services


Social Media Marketing

With Daffnee Cohen go bold with creative social media and marketing solutions. We beam your content to your audience in real time.

Social Media Consulting

Our Social Media Consulting Services can measure your current social media marketing strategies and pinpoint areas where you can improve

Newsletter Marketing

Creating successful marketing campaigns through beautifully presented effective email blasts targeted to your market.

Content Creation

Having a savvy marketing campaign is an important part of success, but the right content, geo and audience targeted is just as important

Healthy Recipes

Juicy Recipes straight from the mind of Juicy Daffnee. I simply love cooking and sharing all of my favorite recipes to the world!

Health & Fitness

How to get healthy and stay healthy. Daffnee takes you through all the steps needed to change your health and your lifestyle.

Comment Moderation

Daffnee Cohen has years of real world experience in moderating comments for various organizations ensuring fast response times to engaged customers.

Contact Daffnee

I would love to hear from you. Contact Daffnee today for all your Health, Content, Fitness and Social needs.

Daffnee’s Testimonials

Without a doubt one of the most enthusiastic, vibrant, social commentators on the web today. Daffnee combines a mix of enlightenment, juicy recipes and musings that can only enrich ones life.

I have had the pleasure of working with Daffnee on a number of projects. She is insightful, friendly but most of all she knows her stuff.

Daffnee is amazing. We have sought her guidance on a number of occasions and she always shines through. I also love her recipes!

Daffnee is a breath of fresh air. Her grasp of social media and its impact that it can have on your business is second to none. Always a pleasure to deal with.

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