I am an entrepreneur, writer, Zumba instructor, Crossfitter, rescue dog mom, fiancé, reader, gluten-free foodie and avid candle lighter. I'm figuring out this life stuff every day and I invite you to join me on the journey. On my blog, I'll share my own mistakes and learning moments that will hopefully inspire you to be a happier, successful, healthier leader in your life. Life is short, make it count.

Sage Olive Pesto

So excited to share this fun and gluten-free take on pesto. I didn’t see anything else out there like it so original juices are flowing! Enjoy on beef or chicken, fish or even over some brown rice! If you LOVED this recipes, be sure to subscribe and not miss another!  

Why Society is All Wrong About Barbie

It’s crept up on us everywhere: skinny shaming Barbie, putting her down for her unrealistic bodily proportions and long wavy locks. “She’s giving the wrong impression to children!” we say. “She’s causing low self-esteem!” we preach. Barbie has been around for decades and suddenly there’s outcry. Where did poor Barbie go wrong? I’ll tell you…