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4 Innovative Ways to Give Back

The act of giving back is timeless. With social media usage at an all time high, it makes it easy to not only educate yourself on who and what could use some help, but also how everyone else around…

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Business woman

5 Valuable Things I’ve Learned As a Young Professional

I consider myself to be a mature, responsible, innovative and hard working individual. At age 26, I feel as if I'm exactly where I need to be professionally. Aside from my career, I consider myself…

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Working from home

Conquer Your Career Fears

We all have career fears. We may not always acknowledge them, but there are triggers and fears that play a role in our successes and failures. Whether you are self-employed, leaving college looking…

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5 Tips for Dealing With Tough Clients

I'll start by expressing my gratitude towards my clients who are wonderful, intelligent and respectful individuals. More than business owners, they are parents, humanitarians, intellects and overall…

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Why We Need to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

I wrote this topic down months ago as something I really wanted to address. I knew, however, that the best words would only come during a time of abundant get-shit-done thoughts and lots of positive…

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People jumping off dock

How to Embrace Change Like a Champion

Writing about the things that are close to my heart is so important to me. I want you to know that my most meaningful articles come from a personal place of ups, downs, high and lows. This particular…

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When Technology Loses: 3 Things I Won’t Give Up

Technology is a beautiful reflection of how intelligent, foreword thinking and innovative the human race is. We create technology that saves lives and makes other components of our lifestyle so…

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Woman working in the morning

Measuring Success: Why It’s Time for a Change

In a bustling society driven by technology and to-do lists, we tend to define our successes by how hard we work, what we have to show for it and what our next steps look like. For every individual,…

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Full length portrait of crying schoolgirl sitting on stairs outdoors with group of teasing children bullying her in background, copy space

What I Remember About Being Bullied

I had lice. It was embarrassing and it was gross but it was my third grade reality. Before I continue, however, I want to acknowledge the severity of my bullying history vs. the experiences of…

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Heart in coffee foam

5 Ways to Create More Love

Life is yin and yang. With good comes bad, with love comes hate and with positivity comes negativity. It only makes natural sense to accept both as routinely orders of energy in your life. The beauty…

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