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Why do I need Social Media for my Business?

All major search engines now look at content and engagement not only from your website, but from your social media sites to help them gauge the popularity of your content for SEO purposes. People are more inclined to buy products and services from companies they trust, and a very effective way of connecting with your prospects and customers is through discussions on social media sites, this shows you have open communications and are real.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic and attention through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and the like. Social Media Marketing programs usually center on efforts to create unique content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks.

What is Newsletter Marketing?

If you look around the Internet at the most popular websites, they are all trying to obtain and engage subscribers to their mailing lists. Daffnee Cohen is experienced in multiple platforms from InfusionSoft to MailChimp,  Constant Contact, aWeber, iContact, Get Response and many more.  Our services initially begin with creating the branding, then building your lists and distributing content on a regular basis to those lists. You can also import your current lists into any of these programs.

What is Content Creation?

Many of our clients are just too busy to be able to create regular content that engages audiences. We will work with you to create content that is directed at your target audience and then build marketing around this unique content. Content created is all about choosing the right subject and that will suit your needs. As a general rule content should be created at least once a fortnight.

What is Comment Moderation?

Comment Moderation is so important to user engagement. You need to reply to any comments immediately. We do monitor your websites and make sure that any comments are moderated quickly and effectively.

I also suggest you are open enough engage with and display less than flattering comments as long as they are respectful. These people want to be engaged and I have found on so many occasions that engaging with them brings them around very quickly.

What is Website Management?

We have years of real world experience in posting articles, editing copy & moderating comments and SEO strategies for websites across the globe.

What is Google Local Expert?

Google+ Local helps users discover and share places. Google’s 5-point scoring system gives you detailed insight into businesses before you visit, and Zagat summaries of user reviews help you decide where you want to go.

This means nearly every business needs to be on Google Local as the majority of mobile users – use Google Maps to locate a business.

So we can make sure that you not only appear on Google Local, but your information is accurate and helpful to your potential customer.

What is your Pricing Structure?

Due to the unique requirements of every business and organization, we take a customized approach to each client. We have starter packaged pricing that will meet your most basic needs.

We typically price our services depending on how much work needs to be done after the online marketing audit is conducted.

For your ongoing investment, we typically require a minimum of $500 monthly and pricing scales up from there depending on your company’s positioning in the market, level of effort needed to create ongoing successes, and also the human resources needed to execute a digital marketing program.

Do I Play a Role?

Yes, you are the sole driver of the unique content. Social Media Marketing is a mix of generic content that keeps your followers engaged and most importantly the unique targeted shareable content that you create.

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If you are looking to maximize your Social Media Strategy, we first need to understand your goals, whether it be sales, brand awareness or simply traffic. We explain to you in simple terms where to invest your social media time and to what audience and on what platforms.

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