Daffnee has rocked my social media platforms. My Instagram followers have doubled in 3 months since I began working with her team and we are now approaching 50K. She is a great brain stormer with steady follow through.

-Felice Shapiro CEO/Founder

Better After 50
Social Forza is so much more than a social media team. Daffnee truly understands what works in the wellness industry and how to help practitioners connect with their audience. Before working with Social Forza, I was overwhelmed trying to do everything on my own.
I had tried to work with other companies before, but they lacked an understanding of the wellness industry and how to appropriately connect with my audience. Since working with the Social Forza Team (Thank you, Kyle!) I have been able to step back from the computer work and focus on my mission.
Social Forza has provided help with day to day marketing operations, as well as a comprehensive strategy for growth. (Without the overwhelm!) We are rapidly growing my social media, email list, creating new income streams through aligned affiliates, educating my community, and attracting aligned patients. I am thrilled!
Dr. Sara DeFrancesco

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Daffnee and her team for over a year with great results. She ‘gets’ the uniqueness of the healthy food movement and incorporates her unique understanding and insights into the brand strategy and goals.

Daffnee does a great job in getting through the ‘noise’ that is out there in social media with creative and effective messages, visuals, and tools enabling the brand to reach its target consumer. Plus she and her team are absolutely a pleasure to work with in every single way.

-Sioma W
Wonder Fuel Founder 

Sioma Wasburd – Wonder Fuel Drink

Our 15 year old daughter was new to lacrosse so before tryouts we wanted her to work one on one with a private instructor. We found Daffnee. She was amazing! She was very enthusiastic, positive and very encouraging. She explained everything very well and pushed our daughter to be her best. Our daughter made the team and she can’t get enough of lacrosse. Daffnee is an inspiration for our daughter and we are so happy to have found her.

-Rachel Erickson

Anna Erickson

I have been working with Daffnee Cohen and her team for over a year now, and I won’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Her expertise, insight, and experience in the social media space become apparent as soon as you start working with her. 

The amount of your time you save and your content exposure gained will be tangible in a significant way once you hand your social media management to Daffnee. 

In addition, Daffnee and her team are warm and responsive to your needs if you have questions or if you need something to be explained to you when it comes to the intricacies of modern social media labyrinths. Hence, again, I recommend Daffnee and her team wholeheartedly! 

-Dr. Inna  

Dr. Inna

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Daffnee to help me get my act together regarding social media pertaining to the launch of our film series. She has been great to work with – very engaged, prompt. available, and explains things in a way that is very easy to understand. I definitely believe my relevant social media knowledge has increased due to her tutoring – and I’d recommend anyone looking for expert management of their social media, coaching, or anything in between check out what Daffnee and her team are offering!

-Michael Roesslein
Producer – The Human Longevity Project

The Human Longevity Project – Michael Roesslein

Daffnee is just amazing. I hired Daffneee based on her credentials and website to help our daughter get up to speed with Lacrosse. She has a passion for the game and needed some one on one training.

Daffnee provided unbelievable coaching –to the point where my daughter is teaching her team members the correct way to cradle, block, and a host of other technical ways to play the game to their best ability. Most importantly, Daffnee helped my daughter identify her strengths and help build her confidence to a level she didn’t believe was possible. Our daughter is now a strong player and we are grateful to have found Daffnee. We continue to hire Daffneee because of her amazing skill set and we have become so fond of her. Daffnee is a positive force to be around, we are blessed to continue with training and with our newfound friendship. Email me for any recommendations I am happy to provide.

-Anne Hawkins – Mother of Isabella Hawkins

Anne Hawkins – Lacrosse Testimonial

Daffnee and her close knit team of experts work with you, not just for you, to help your company make the most of online content and engage your audience. They are top-tier professionals on every level: from creating eye-catching graphics, to the timeliness that the work is presented, they are consistently responsive. As a busy entrepreneur, I appreciate their hardwork and dedication to their craft, and to the work that needs to be done. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of social media, or you are a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend Daffnee and her team to help with all of your social media marketing endeavors.

-Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman

I’ve been working with Daffnee Cohen and her team for over a year. She is on the cutting edge of insights with social media and marketing and more importantly, has the connections to make it happen. Initially, I wasn’t sure about making the investment to work with Daffnee, but I’m glad I did. She has provided invaluable advice, connections, and is always there when I need her. She is proactive about keeping me on track and focused on what’s important to help my business grow.

-Holly Bertone, CNHP, PMP
Pink Fortitude

Holly Bertone – Pink Fortitude

Daffnee has been incredibly helpful for my social media marketing. She showed me how to reduce the time I spend on social media while still having a strong, consistent presence. She also helped me improve my content so it was more engaging for my followers. I’ve seen significant growth in my social media platforms since working with Daffnee especially with Instagram which has tripled in the last couple of weeks!

-Jen Broyles

Jen Broyles
Jen Broyles

We’ve been working with Daffnee and her team now for one year! Our practice is relatively new to social media and she has helped us every step of the way! Under her enthusiastic guidance our practice is growing steadily. Daffnee and her team have been very responsive to our needs and she provides motivation just when you need it! I look forward to continuing to work and learn from her in the future.

-Dr. Berutti

Dr. Lyn Berutti – Dynamic Life Health Center

Because we are a very unique and specialized company, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to outsource marketing efforts. Daffnee and her team nailed it. They took the time to learn about our company and our patients and asked all the right questions. The result has been a very effective campaign. It has been great having an expert guide us through the ever changing social media channels and her recommendations are invaluable.

Julie Nicholson, COO
Ketamine Wellness Centers, Inc.

Ketamine Wellness Centers

Daffnee and her team are spectacular and I simply could not have launched my successful book and online summit without them. They are professional in everything they do, extremely responsive and dedicated. As a busy physician, academic, speaker and business person, I am overwhelmed and the added burden of keeping up with all the details of social media, website and e-communications strategy, is just too much to handle alone. Simply said, Daffnee and team have my back and I feel a great deal of confidence and relief in that.

Dr. David BradyDr. David Brady

I have been working with Daffnee and her employees for coming up to 2 years now and it has really helped and changed my business a lot. I now have very solid social media communications in place and it has helped solidify my brand, my message and my presence in the market.

Daffnee and co have been able to help me learn to create content and write for my audience, which has helped me to attract the kind of patients I wanted.  During times when I have been very busy and less able to create my own original content, they have understood my voice well enough to still be able to provide information that was perfect for my patient base and my message.

Daffnee has also helped me to stay current and present through awful morning sickness and maternity leave, so that my business didn’t fade when I was again less able to put myself into it, and I’m so grateful for that.

I definitely underutilise her and her skills, but I’m not ready for the kind of business growth that happens when you work with her on full throttle. I look forward to even more fun projects with her in the future.

I have recommended her to many people already, she is a complete asset to a business, especially if you’re in health and functional medicine.

Robyn Puglia FdSc DipIONRobyn Puglia FdSc DipION
Daffnee Cohen and Social Forza was the first social media company I have ever worked with. Daffnee was nothing but professional, very personable, an excellent listener and extremely up to date on the social media trends. Her team was also very talented in crafting better ways to spread my personal message with my Warrior book, a memoir disclosing very personal information. This Warrior message was super important to me, which she took to heart, actually read my book, and offered up as much attention and support to getting the book in the right hands of the people who truly needed it. I highly recommend working with Social Forza because they authentically care about spreading your message so you can leave a positive stamp on the world.
Dr. Theresa Larson
Dr. Theresa LaronDr. Theresa Larson
Daffnee and her team have been a tremendous help in growing the social media presence for my practice. Her service is invaluable!
Dr. Emily ParkeDr. Emily Parke
As an artist and entrepreneur, I was not lacking in ambition, however I found myself floundering. I had the talent and the drive but I had no direction, no focus. Daffnee is the niece of one of my best friends and I accidentally stumbled onto her and her “wonderfulness” when I was visiting her aunt in California. My beautiful friend saw my work and told me I should be making a living at selling my art and she recommended her niece, Daffnee. How lucky was I to find her! Daffnee and her marketing services are the best thing I have done for my art career! Hands down! I have had only 2 phone sessions with her and I have already catapulted my art career forward in a huge way. Daffnee is the catalyst that has propelled me forward. She has taught me how to use social media and the internet in the most efficient way, I have gotten my Facebook business page going and it is thriving, She has taught me how to use Instagram. We are now working on getting my web site going along with a blog. I have generated interest in my work and people are asking to buy my art originals and prints! I am so excited and I look forward to the things to come. If anyone is at a stage where they can no longer do everything themselves (and I think we all get there eventually) and they need some focus, some direction, some education and social media “know how” and tools, I would so very highly recommend they hire this young, talented, extremely knowledgeable, very caring, easy to work with, bright, beautiful soul, Daffnee, to get their business and career up and running!
Kristen Grunewald, ArtistKristen Grunewald
Working with Daffnee and her team has been essential to getting our content out in the digital world.  She and her colleagues are well-organized and operate quickly, efficiently and in the most professional manner.
Celebrity Diagnosis
Dr. Mark Boguski and Dr. Michele BermanCelebrity Diagnosis
It’s been fabulous working with Daffnee! She has an awesome, clear vision, sense of direction and superb organization! And there is nothing like a Daffnee Cohen Pep Talk to motivate your team to reach higher and higher heights.  I love working with her!
Dr. Kara FitzgeraldDr. Kara Fitzgerald
It’s been wonderful to work with Daffnee and her team. Responsive, hardworking, nurturing and motivated, Daffnee has held my hand as I grow my online visibility and platform. Not sure what I would do without her!
Dr. Eva Selhub
Dr. Eva SelhubDr. Eva Selhub

We found Daffnee at a critical time in the development and growth of our Functional Medicine practice.  It is difficult to put into words the impact she has made in helping us spread the word about what we do and who we are.  From the very beginning, Daffnee was able to take the pulse of our business and immediately use an effective social media strategy to propel us into a much larger market.  Our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and several other accounts have grown exponentially since working with Daffnee and her team.  Her understanding of what it takes to market on these platforms is phenomenal.  She exudes professionalism and makes this sometimes overwhelming part of our business feel familiar and manageable.  Although she has many nationally known clients, Daffnee always promptly responds to questions and continues to advise and encourage us in our business development.  She makes our growing practice always feel like a top priority.  She is a gift!

Dr. Ellen Antoine
Dr. Ellen Antoine – Vine HealthcareVine Healthcare

Daffnee is beyond incredible. I am constantly blown away by her dedication to my brand and her commitment to her daily duties. She has tremendously helped guide my social strategy forward in the best way possible. Her creativity, promptness and experience have helped me grow my social platforms and my e-newsletter list. She makes herself available and really works hard to make sure that projects get done efficiently and accurately. I don’t know what I’d honestly do without her in my life as an incredible woman and colleague.

Amie Valpon The Healthy Apple
Amie Valpone – The Healthy AppleThe Healthy Apple

As a newbie to this whole online arena, Daffnee has been my angel and right hand. Her help with my online summits has been over the top and she is always engaged and giving me great ideas to help me build my list and engage with followers.
I also love how she is helpful and tactful at the same time and really leads me where I need to go. I always know she is there and her team has designed amazing posts for my online forum.

Shirley Plant – Delicious AlternativesDelicious Alternatives

This letter serves as a professional recommendation for Daffnee Cohen.

Through Daffnee’s stewardship, we have achieved heavy engagement through her creative use of online parties and hangouts, online live conversations, contests, engaging posts, polls, and more. We have grown our Facebook likes tenfold and have received the cherished blue check on both Facebook and Twitter; we have grown our Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest presence; and have created online communities where those interested in adopting my programs can share and commiserate. She forged partnerships with online bloggers and other social media partners to grow reach and increase awareness across multiple disciplines and platforms.

Daffnee’s passion for health, wellness and fitness; love for food and cooking; and desire to market, learn and innovate have all contributed to her success with our organization. She was active in researching trends, brainstorming on optimize trends, determining ways to use social media to engage health warriors / fans to help spread the word about the book, and more importantly, our mission.

In short, Daffnee has presented us with a professional, passionate, high-energy persona that has helped me to surpass many of my goals on social media.

Very truly yours, Mark Hyman, MD

Dr. Mark Hyman
Dr. Mark HymanDr. Mark Hyman
Since working with Daffnee and her team I have seen amazing growth in my business. It has expanded my reach in social media and allowed me to share the services of my business with thousands of more people. It is, by far, the most effective form of advertising I have ever done for my business. My newsletter list has grown dramatically as has my Facebook and twitter presence. Daffnee is always professional, responsive and full of great ideas to help grow my business and online presence. I would recommend her and her services to any business looking to grow.
Dr. Kevin PasseroGreen Healing Now
We have had the pleasure of working with Daffnee on our social media and a wonderful newsletter for our business. She is a “get it done gal”, very professional but fun as well.  We look forward to working with her as our brand grows – thanks to her expert help.
Linda Baltrusch & Stacy Waldenberg


Glamma WineGlamma Wine
Daffnee was engaged by our company as a social media strategist for 2014 to help improve our performance across all social media platforms. Daffnee was a tremendous help during that time in creating a social media posting plan, starting a regular newsletter for us (and growing its sign-up from 0 to over 2000) and setting up online competitions. In addition to these, we learnt many skills from Daffnee that we now use in the day to day running of our platforms. Daffnee has definitely taught us the essential elements of social media planning so that we can now manage it ourselves.
Monday Morning Cooking ClubMonday Morning Cooking Club

Working with Daffnee is always a joy, regardless of what we’re working on! Even in stressful situations, she keeps her cool and always maintains her professionalism with a bright outlook, kind words and best of all, practical solutions to keep everything right on track. I can honestly say, with consistent growth month after month as a result of our joint efforts, I know having Daffnee on my team is one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

Gigi Stewart, Gluten Free GigiGigi Stewart

Daffnee is professional, responsive, cheerful, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has quickly built traffic to my site, and always has helpful ideas and insights on how to engage my audience. -Judy Converse MPH RD

Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LDJudy Converse

Daffnee Cohen is doing a wonderful job with our Social Media and we are extremely pleased. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an honest, top shelf company that delivers results!

Dr. Carol OsborneDr. Carol Osborne

Daffnee is truly a bright spark in the world of Social Media. She is multi-talented, highly responsive, eager to see her clients succeed and a joy to work with. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.

Sherry StrongReturn to Food

Daffnee helped me put together my bi-monthly newsletter and Facebook author page. Daffnee is insightful, professional, and organized. She has the positive ‘can do’ attitude that inspires others.

Kristin MeekhofAuthor

Because I became so completely overwhelmed with the growing daily needs of my business, I sought help from Daffnee to streamline my social media message and create a brand consistency that I was struggling to maintain due to total overwhelm. Daffnee’s expertise has been pivotal in spreading the word about our events and initiatives and making huge impressions via social media. I’ve learned from watching her coordinate our events that the efforts she puts in ahead of time ensure success for the moment in question. And that ultimately makes my job easier and allows Gluten Free School to reach more people in a meaningful and valuable way.

Jennifer Fugo - Gluten Free School
Jennifer Fugo – Gluten Free SchoolGluten Free School

Working with Daffnee has been a fantastic experience and I highly recommend her! A social media expert who knows functional medicine, she will take you to the next level in social media marketing.

Dr. Jill Carnahan - Flatiron Functional Medicine
Jill Carnahan MDFlatiron Functional Medicine

Daffnee’s enthusiasm is infectious! She’s fast, responsive and always coming up with fresh ideas. A pleasure to work with.

Laurie GerberThe Handel Group

I have worked with Daffnee since April 2013 and love her. She is continually studying the industry, always has great ideas to help promote me and my brand, and only wants the best results for all her clients. She’s always happy to go the extra mile and is a delight to work with. She’s tactful but honest and I appreciate her opinions. She’s also open to feedback and when I ask a question or for help, her instant answer is “of course”! I would not be where I am today without Daffnee’s help! You’d be a fool to not bring her on to YOUR team!

Tracy Konoske RDHealthy Lifestyles

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