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Daffnee Cohen creates a strategic and consistent editorial calendar designed to grow and maintain loyal fans and followers.

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We have years of real world experience in article creation, copy editing & moderating comments and SEO strategies for websites across the globe.

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As an entrepreneur & expert in online marketing I can help you grow & develop your brand, help you become a trusted & renowned expert in your field.

Previous Clients Include:
Return to Food
Vine Healthcare
Mark Hyman, MD
Monday Morning Cooking Club
Green Healing Now
Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic

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My news includes entrepreneurship, gluten-free recipes, self-help and self-love, Zumba routines and my insight. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing it!

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Gluten-free, healthy, affordable and easy to make. Seriously, it’s time to step up your kitchen game folks. Dig in!

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Daffnee Cohen

Welcome life enthusiasts! I’m so excited that you are joining me on my journey through the amazing world of health, food, entrepreneurship, self growth, and endless love. As a young entrepreneur, business owner, and health fanatic, I am here to share my life hacks, musings, and resources with you.

Healthy Living

I’ve heard every excuse in the book. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, none work! You only get one bod; no receipts, no returns, no do-overs. Clean up your kitchen and clean up your act. Whether it’s budget, time, or family members who refuse to eat veggies, I have no nonsense solutions for you.

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Daffnee on Huffington Post

HP2Daffnee Cohen is a writer, fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and business owner. With a strong passion for education, marketing, health and personal growth, Daffnee leverages online marketing to highlight messages, brands, and social movements.

Daffnee has worked on multiple NY Times Best Selling campaigns and has contributed articles to the Orlando Sentinel. She is currently working on her first book, a framework for young entrepreneurs.

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When Technology Loses: 3 Things I Won’t Give Up
April 23, 2015

Technology is a beautiful reflection of how intelligent, foreword thinking and innovative the human race is. We create technology that saves lives and makes other components of our lifestyle so simple. It’s a beautiful thing that most of us use in our personal or business lives in one form or…

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Measuring Success: Why It’s Time for a Change
April 17, 2015

In a bustling society driven by technology and to-do lists, we tend to define our successes by how hard we work, what we have to show for it and what our next steps look like. For every individual, our successes are highly diverse and cover our careers and professional life,…

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What I Remember About Being Bullied
March 12, 2015

I had lice. It was embarrassing and it was gross but it was my third grade reality.

Before I continue, however, I want to acknowledge the severity of my bullying history vs. the experiences of others. My situation passed fairly quickly and because of my tough personality, I was…

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5 Ways to Create More Love
February 3, 2015

Life is yin and yang. With good comes bad, with love comes hate and with positivity comes negativity. It only makes natural sense to accept both as routinely orders of energy in your life. The beauty of this statement is that as conscious human beings, we have the ability to…

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Some of the best reviews from our beloved clients.
Dr. Sara DeFrancesco
Thriving Force

So much more than a social media team. Daffnee truly understands what works in the wellness industry and how to help practitioners connect with their audience.

Better After 50

Daffnee Cohen has rocked my social media platforms. My Instagram followers have doubled in 3 months since I began working with her team. She is a great brain stormer with steady follow through. I am looking forward to becoming a top influencer in the over 50 women’s market for our online magazine and Daffnee…

Avital Scharf – wellb

Daffnee is very creative and intelligent. It is fun working with her and her team. She has great ideas to help promote our company and our brand. Highly recommended to work with Daffnee. -Avital Scharf, wellb