Daffnee Cohen Marketing is a full service digital marketing firm specializing in the functional and integrative medicine space. Our small and focused team of marketing experts are well versed in all the nuances that go into properly marketing functional and integrative practices, books, influencers, digital products, and more.

Daffnee Cohen is a digital marketing expert, writer, mom, wife, Zumba instructor, Crossfitter, and entrepreneur based out of Winter Garden, FL.

Daffnee Cohen

Social Media Marketing

Daffnee and her team have specialized in organic social media marketing since 2011. A solid and effective social media marketing strategy incorporates and executes beautiful, enriched, and meaningful content that reflects your message and brand, and stimulates an intellectual conversation. Our extensive experience in the functional and integrative space allows us to create effective strategies and profiles that always reach your relevant followers and move you close to your business goals.

Our team diligently works to stay up to date with the constant changes shaping the social media landscape to ensure your strategy stays relevant and unique.

E Newsletter Marketing

e-Newsletter Marketing

Communicating with your followers and patients is crucial in nurturing your relationship and your opportunity to engage with them over time. A strategic newsletter strategy allows you to stay connected to existing patients and followers, encourage referrals, and stay in front of your audiences at your discretion vs theirs. Our team can establish a meaningful editorial calendar that offers insight into your practice, products, services, and offerings.

Further, nurture your subscribers with beautifully automated emails that continue to tell a story even after a subscriber has joined your list.


Content Marketing

Our team will work with you and/or your writer to create an impactful and forward-thinking content calendar.

Content is king of the internet and a solid plan allows your platform to fully thrive. Our calendar blends not only content topics and themes but release dates, SEO optimization tips, accompanying newsletters, social promotions and more.

Content is your ability to shine through the chaos in the online space, highlight your expertise, your care, your experience, and the things that set you apart from the rest of your competitors.

Graphic design

Graphic Design

Our team creates stunning and engaging graphics for every effort and campaign. These include testimonials, blog graphics, infographics, quote cards, cover images for social media, and more. We work with you and your team to ensure all graphics are brand appropriate, engaging, and stand out from the rest.
Website Management

Website Management

While we are not full web developers, we do have the capability of adding content, making copy edits, uploading testimonials, creating opt-ins, and more.
Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Daffnee has successfully coached dozens of business owners over the years in:

-Establishing ambitious and attainable goals

-Organizing existing team members and hiring the right team

-Pricing and services offered


-Marketing strategies

-Financial strategy, reducing cost, and other helpful tips

Our Network of Past and Existing Clients

Jennifer Fugo
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald
Revive Wellness Clinics
Rado Nutrition
Dr. Jill Carnahan
Vine Healthcare
Mark Hyman, MD
Green Healing Now
Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic

Recent News

Stay connected with me as I discuss Functional Medicine Marketing, entrepreneurship, momhood, and more.

Daffnee’s Blog
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald Dr. Fitzgerald and I met in a fun and somewhat random way…It’s a favorite story of mine actually. Somehow, her newsletter came into my inbox. It’s quite…

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Daffnee on Huffington Post

HP2Daffnee Cohen is a writer, fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and business owner. With a strong passion for education, marketing, health and personal growth, Daffnee leverages online marketing to highlight messages, brands, and social movements.

Daffnee has worked on multiple NY Times Best Selling campaigns and has contributed articles to the Orlando Sentinel. She is currently working on her first book, a framework for young entrepreneurs.

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Success stories from past and current clients
Tracy Konoske RD
Healthy Lifestyles

Daffnee is continually studying the industry, always has great ideas to help promote me and my brand, and only wants the best results for all her clients. She’s always happy to go the extra mile and is a delight to work with.

-Tracy Konoske RD

Jill Carnahan MD
Flatiron Functional Medicine

Working with Daffnee has been a fantastic experience and I highly recommend her! A social media expert who knows functional medicine, she will take you to the next level in social media marketing.

Jennifer Fugo – Gluten Free School
Gluten Free School

Daffnee’s expertise has been pivotal in spreading the word about our events/initiatives, making huge impressions. I’ve learned from watching her coordinate our events that the efforts she puts in ahead of time ensure success for the moment in question.

-Jennifer Fugo

Dr. Carol Osborne
Dr. Carol Osborne

Daffnee Cohen is doing a wonderful job with our social media and we are extremely pleased. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an honest, top shelf company that delivers results!

Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD
Judy Converse

Daffnee is professional, responsive, cheerful, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has quickly built traffic to my site, and always has helpful ideas and insights on how to engage my audience. -Judy Converse MPH RD

Monday Morning Cooking Club
Monday Morning Cooking Club
Daffnee was a tremendous help, creating a social media posting plan, starting a regular newsletter for us (and growing its sign-up from 0-2000+). Daffnee has taught us the essential elements of social media planning so that we can now manage it ourselves.