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You Lost Your Biggest Client – Now What?

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post When I was writing this, I initially thought it would be specifically for business owners/entrepreneurs. I realized however, that this applies…

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Enthusiastic woman on beach

Stop Being So Passionate! 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Enthusiasm

Preface: I don’t want you to actually stop being passionate. The title is meant to grab your attention. I ENCOURAGE you to be insanely passionate about everything and everyone you can. Truth: I have…

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Feeling Conquered? Read This…

This article was originally published on The Huffington Post. Life is WILD. We talk about how insanely busy we all are and it’s probably true for the most part (Netflix and pups all day doesn’t…

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Woman writing story

Writing Your Own Story – Tips to Really Be the Author of Your Own Life

I was frustrated. I was tired. I wasn’t able to lift the last of my heavy power cleans and I was agitated about it. I had found myself, all week long in fact, feeling ‘off’ at the Crossfit gym and…

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Woman writing in journal

Be Sheltered: Protecting Your Heart and Mind From Negativity

Growing up, my mom had one favorite go-to quote. “If I die tomorrow, Daff, you need to know how to do ______” (fill in the blank with any variety of life action verbs such a plan, learn, apply, pay,…

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6 Things I Did to Sabotage My Career and How I Fixed It

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Being a young entrepreneur is even harder. In fact, being in any workplace as a young person can be extremely challenging when working alongside professionals…

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New Year Celebration

6 Small (But Important) Things I Did in 2015 to Be a Better Person

2015 was a phenomenal year for me and I hope you're saying the same. One of the most important thing I've learned, not only this year, but over the past few years, is that self-improvement is crucial…

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Large family on beach

6 Siblings and 5 Valuable Lessons Learned

I'm number 3 (the best number of course) out of 6 children. Let that sink in. That is a LOT of children. As the years pass by, as we all get older and grow into the adults and citizens we were meant…

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Woman Lifting Heavy Barbell in CrossFit Gym

3 Ways CrossFit Made Me a Better Human

We've heard the jokes: You know someone does CrossFit because it's ALL they talk about! I used to laugh (and agree) with this before I started my own CrossFit journey. Now, just shy of three months…

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Happy woman with flowers

5 Ways to Make Your Life More Positive

As we grow, we naturally become more in tune with the things and people that facilitate a safe, comfortable and empowered environment. Our experiences and interactions with people and situations give…

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