The act of giving back is timeless. With social media usage at an all time high, it makes it easy to not only educate yourself on who and what could use some help, but also how everyone else around you is giving back. For so many reasons I believe in deeply, giving back to society in some capacity is one of the most important things we can do as human beings. Teaching our kids and younger generations the importance of giving back is just as valuable, and of course is best taught through example. As we evolve and grow as a society, there are so many new and innovative ways to give back. I encourage you to make time for charity, regardless of what that looks like, and start a chain reaction of positivity and selflessness.

Giving back is multi-dimensional and no longer means writing a check.

Money is one of the very few ways we can offer our heart and help to other individuals, animals and causes in need. It’s one of the first things I hear and really something that shouldn’t ever hold anyone back! Here are a few ideas of how else you can participate…

1. Start at home. This may not sound like your most common form of “charity” if you wish to call it that, but again, giving back in any form can mean so many different things. Is there someone in your family who needs help with something specific? Is a family member going through a tough time? Can you be there for them in a way that would make their day a bit easier? This could be something as small as sending them a note in the mail, to watching their kids for an evening. Maybe they need help with a project around the house they haven’t been able to get to yet. These things sound so small and simple but they can mean so much to those who simply need help! Let us not forget that how we treat our family and friends is a pure and honest reflection of ourselves. If we can donate time and money to strangers, we can most definitely sacrifice for our own loved ones. Your selflessness here begins with asking and offering and then delivering. They’re worth it.

2. Think of our younger generations. They are our future. How can you use your skill and time to give back to those younger than us who are thirsty for someone to look up to? Reading to kids at an after school program, volunteering for tutoring or simple teaching youth a new craft or skill can make a difference. While you may not recognize the depth of this value immediately, it’s there and it’s meaningful as hell.

3. Keep your money, donate your brain. What are you good at? What do you love to do? How can you share that with others? Charity isn’t giving people money, it’s giving people more of what they don’t have. I offer my foodie knowledge and my marketing knowledge to almost anyone who will ask me for it and I do it happily. I am honored to share my knowledge with anyone willing to learn more about it. The energy I put into the universe, both positive and negative, will always come back to me. Why not make it positive every single time?

4. Give skills not stuff. Donating material items to those in need is an amazing thing. I do it every year to both people and animals. More sustainably however, is creating the opportunity for others to give through what they’ve learned. If I teach others how to donate their time and skill, the impact lasts longer. Again, this can be something small like how to cook a dish to something a bit more complicated like how to prepare taxes or invest.

You will always have enough to give. Don’t ever think that you have to ration out your ability to give back. There are small yet meaningful ways to give back every single day if you open your mind to them. There is no limited supply. You will not run out. Don’t forget this. Continue to do things with others in mind and with love and generosity in your heart. Don’t get caught up in the act of writing checks and thinking about your monetary capabilities. Get creative and give yourself the credit you deserve. Others would be eternally grateful for your time and your patience. Here is to helping others move forward in ways that are obtainable and awesome.

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post