Life is yin and yang. With good comes bad, with love comes hate and with positivity comes negativity. It only makes natural sense to accept both as routinely orders of energy in your life. The beauty of this statement is that as conscious human beings, we have the ability to create as much love as we desire. There is no stockpile, no opportunity for shortage and no way to run out of love; remembering this in times of despair, stress, hopelessness or negativity may be one of the most comforting and reassuring feelings in the world. Owning a business that is steadily growing provides me with stress and angst and serves as a constant reminder of this concept of balance. Regardless of what is going on, I come back to my ability to create love and it keeps me sane and grounded. Here are some tips you can implement to feel this sense of comfort. You deserve to feel love just as those around you deserve to receive it from you. Don’t worry, these activities come from a good place and are fun!

1. Create things! Making things with our hands is such a beautiful way to enjoy the simplicity that our life sometimes forgets to offer. Cooking and creating new recipes is one way I enjoy sharing my love of food with other people who not only eat it, but also read them on my blog. I also love crafting and making things for my scrapbook. This is just one of many ways to physically create and express patience, stability and focus. I like to make handmade cards each month and send them to friends and family. There are so many ways to exude your love through creation and these are just a few options.

2. Reach out to those who have shown you love in the past. There are handfuls of people who have made an appearance in my life at some stage or another that taught me a valuable lesson in love. I may not have always realized it in the moment or understood the lesson in its entirety, but looking back now, I get it. I text, e-mail or even Facebook those people and let them know how they impacted my life, even if it was in the smallest possible capacity. With the abundance of negativity in our world, it’s important that we treasure love and happiness, even if it was minute or temporary. I worked with a wonder woman, cancer survivor and one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met a few years ago, and to this day, her spirit and love stick with me in such a profound way. Jackie Lloyd, you are the definition of love!

3. Engage in small acts of kindness. This phrase doesn’t resonate enough when we hear it. It requires a conscious state of mind and this effort always come from a place of love. Whether it’s holding a door open, giving your lawn care guy a water bottle or leaving your change in the tip jar, all energy we put out into the world comes back to us. If it is more love we seek, it is more love we must exude!

4. Tweak your actions and your words before they are sent out into the world. I’ll be the first to admit that when I read a horrible news story on Facebook, my instant reaction is a mess of curse words and anger. Instead of letting that come out, I do my best to change it to something positive and uplifting. Putting out more negative energy is not helping the world in any capacity. Imagine if everyone understood this and acted on it! You can practice this in the workplace with colleagues and clients, in your relationships at home and even when you’re interacting with people you may never meet. Send love, get love, love the trend!

5. Enjoy the love. Do you really enjoy and appreciate the love you receive? What about the happy moments you create or the acts of kindness people do for you? Make sure you fully appreciate and enjoy the positivity in your life. Showing gratitude is just as important as the act itself coming to fruition. Be grateful, receive more love!

Love is a universal feeling and desire. While we all express it and crave it in different forms, it is crucial for happiness, for peace and for progress. Try one or all of the above pieces and share it with a friend. If you’re doing these things already, kudos to you for sharing what seems to be like our last saving grace! To love and scrapbooks!

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