Share great content! Reply to your consumers! We’ve heard these common suggestions a million times, but with a series of changes brought on by Facebook, businesses have taken a hit in exposure, engagement and views. You’re doing everything right and you still can’t grow or get the impressions you’re looking for. While getting in front of your consumers organically may seem like a huge challenge, there are still a few things you can do to really give your page an extra boost, and of course become an almighty Facebook legend.

1. Use it. Sounds simple right? You’d be shocked at some of the things I hear from my clients. “I post once a week but get NO LIKES!” Consistency is key here folks. Once a week is NOT enough. Heck, I don’t think once a DAY is enough! Use Facebook scheduler and plan two posts a day; one early in the morning as people are getting to work and one later in the evening after people have had dinner and are relaxing. Part of staying in front of loyal users is showing them you are present, listening and engaged yourself.

2. Use pictures. More specifically, use Instagram. Consumers LOVE the personal touch brands use to stay connected. Consumers across the board want to know that you are REAL and do normal things like play with your dog, eat dinner and work. If your brand represents a service or product rather than an individual, ask for pics from your consumers that represent your company. The beauty? You can upload to Instagram, Facebook AND Twitter simultaneously, engaging with multiple audiences at once. Studies show that consumers are more likely to engage with images over plain text copy. Take advantage of that!

3. Ask questions. Here’s a fun tip: the more comments you get on your post, the more feeds Facebook will put your post in. I like to use a variety of engagement questions to stimulate a conversation for my clients. Try true or false, fill in the blank or standard questions. Example:
a. Zumba or yoga?
b. My favorite exercise is ______.
c. True or False: Fat-free always means healthy

Get to asking! More importantly, check back in and reply to your followers. ‘Like’ their responses and show them you are tuned in and that you also LOVE pickling cucumbers and waxing your roller blades.

4. Make a schedule. Create an outline for your posting plan that indicates what day, at what time and exactly what content will go out. If you’re serious about your social media game and leveraging it to get your business out there, this is a small and simple step. I use Google Documents for my page and it makes scheduling posts and coming up with content really simple. After a month or so, I can go back and see what really did well, what didn’t work and change up my schedule. Good stuff.

5. Use money, sometimes. I know, times are tough (or maybe not) but this is a great strategy. Decide on a budget and use it. Promote just a handful of really great posts each month. I tend to feature my newest recipe and blog. I don’t spend much, maybe $30-$50 but it helps get in front of new people and create more impressions. Online marketing is like a puzzle and there are a ton of pieces that make up a good strategy. Incorporating each piece, no matter how small, will help form a clearer and more functional plan. Paid campaigns are part of this puzzle.

6. Ask for shares! Your consumers demand customer service, questions to their answers and discounts. Now, it’s your turn to ask them for something! There is a tasteful and fun way to do this. Make it extra personal; explain what it would do for you and how grateful you would be if your followers shared this post with one friend. It works, trust me!

7. Give love to get love. It’s really the foundation for any online partnership. It astounds me how many people refuse to share any content for other online brands. News flash! Your consumers would LOVE to see some new content from brands similar to yours. They will be THANKFUL you introduced them to another great chef, writer or underwater basket weaver! Reach out to another entity and offer to share a piece of their content on your Facebook page in return for the same. You are now getting exposure to THAT many more people who may have never heard of you.There is enough room for EVERYONE in your industry. Stop feeling threatened or worried about losing clients or customers. Find tasteful, well written and composed content and share the heck out of it. In my schedule of posts (mentioned in #4), I include one weekly partner post.

Facebook is wonderful. Your consumers love it so you should as well. Get active and try some BRAND new approaches to engaging your audiences. Let me know how it goes! Onward Facebook-ians!

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