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You Lost Your Biggest Client – Now What?

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post When I was writing this, I initially thought it would be specifically for business owners/entrepreneurs. I realized however, that this applies…

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6 Things I Did to Sabotage My Career and How I Fixed It

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Being a young entrepreneur is even harder. In fact, being in any workplace as a young person can be extremely challenging when working alongside professionals…

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Conquer Your Career Fears

We all have career fears. We may not always acknowledge them, but there are triggers and fears that play a role in our successes and failures. Whether you are self-employed, leaving college looking…

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5 Tips for Dealing With Tough Clients

I'll start by expressing my gratitude towards my clients who are wonderful, intelligent and respectful individuals. More than business owners, they are parents, humanitarians, intellects and overall…

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How to Embrace Change Like a Champion

Writing about the things that are close to my heart is so important to me. I want you to know that my most meaningful articles come from a personal place of ups, downs, high and lows. This particular…

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7 Easy Tips for Cranking Up Your Facebook Page Engagement

Share great content! Reply to your consumers! We've heard these common suggestions a million times, but with a series of changes brought on by Facebook, businesses have taken a hit in exposure,…

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3 Ways to Be a Better Entrepreneur

The struggles that come along with being an entrepreneur are real. There is an endless supply of positivity and pride that accompany the world of self-starters, but the stress and the barriers we…

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Healthy lunch boxes

5 Steps to Making a Healthy (and Cheap) Lunch via Xerox

I was so excited when Xerox and their small business blog reached out to me via Twitter to find out a little bit more about how I personally manage healthy a busy business schedule and eating right.…

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Why There Is Always Enough Room in Your Industry as a Startup

As a business owner in a highly competitive workforce, there was one constant concern I couldn't seem to shake. I'm all about taking risk where it makes sense, but I also practice caution and common…

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Why Being a Business Owner Made Me Resentful

I started my business a few weeks before I graduated from college. I was just shy of 22 years old, I, and most of my friends around me did not have a job lined up and I knew I needed to figure…

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Why Being Proud of the Little Things You do Will Help You in the Long Run

I can clearly recall sitting in my kindergarten class, learning about goal setting, what that meant, how to set them, and why it was a great habit to get into. Being the exceptional student that I…

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Reading on the beach

4 Things Every Working Person Needs to Read

Being a business owner, an employee or even an entrepreneur can mean so much more than work and business. It’s a reflection of the mind, the heart, the soul, and the passion that keeps us moving…

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Young entrepreneurs

3 Pieces of Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

I’m 2 months shy of 25 years on this extraordinary earth. I’m employed full time, I teach Zumba 3 nights a week, I’m a dog-mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt, business owner, and lastly, I am an…

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