Friday: I had been experiencing a dry spell in my creative world and decided it was time for a new project. The last crafting journey I had embarked on was weeks before, when I completed another page in my scrapbook (big deal I know). During the week’s prior, I had discovered a lovely site ideal for all of my crafting needs. You may know it, as it has consumed many of my girlfriends’ lives, as Pinterest. As I was perusing the DIY section filled with countless pins of what some would call beautiful art (and some not so beautiful art), I came across a piece on stamping. I’ve never been a huge stamper and this was clearly reflected in my collection of stamps which consisted of, well, just one stamp! I decided to go for it. I was going to stamp the hell out of something. I just needed to figure out what.

Saturday morning: I woke up with my stamp on my mind and was ready for action. I decided to take a trip to the local farmers market where I would hopefully come across something interesting to make my next victim. I was nearing the end of my trip there, as I had made my way to almost every stand, when I came across a booth packing up to head home. Leaning against the truck was a wood framed mirror standing about three feet tall. The mirror itself was in perfect condition but the wood frame needed a little work. I decided it was the one! Asking a whopping three dollars, I decided it would work.

Saturday afternoon: The first thing I did after finding this soon-to-be beautiful piece of work, was head to the craft store to buy some paint. I decided on a vanilla acrylic paint, perfect for the wood, and made my way home to begin.
I cleaned the mirror and the wood with a paper towel, poured a generous amount of paint onto a piece of newspaper, dipped my stamp, and went for it. (Mind you I had no real plan of attack except to stamp the crap out of this mirror). I decided to make my way around the border until the paint had lessened just enough to still see every detail in the stamp. At that point I added more paint. It took me a total of seven minutes to stamp all the way around and about another ten minutes to dry. The mirror was complete, and up on the wall it went.
My stamping desire had been fulfilled for a mere five dollars and I had a beautiful new mirror on my wall. My goal is to not let another dry spell take over…so until next time!

and veggies!