Dr. Fitzgerald and I met in a fun and somewhat random way…It’s a favorite story of mine actually. Somehow, her newsletter came into my inbox. It’s quite possible that a client forwarded me her newsletter because of a piece of content they liked. I recall my VERY first impression — This content is KICK ASS. I also recall (Love you Kara!) my immediate second reaction — This newsletter layout needs some work. I reached out to KF, introduced myself and said hey, I think you’re brain is amazing and I think I can help you get out there. The rest is history!

This platform has grown in so many ways over the years and I couldn’t be more proud of Kara and the entire team. When I speak to potential clients, I always have them reference Kara’s website, content and social media. Why? Because she’s a prime example of how this work should be done. Unique, interesting, science based content is driving us up and forward. Additionally, Kara + her team meet with me every single week to address marketing issues. This is how we move the needle forward! Working with her is a pleasure to say the very least.

Dr. Fitzgerald’s Questionnaire

In as many sentences/paragraphs as you’d like, why do you wake up every morning and do this work? What is your goal and what motivates you?

Our mission at www.drkarafitzgerald.com is to reverse the global disease paradigm towards one that supports vibrant health and longevity. To that end, our days are always exciting and interesting. For instance, today started with a really engaging conversation with my colleague Dr. Ken Litwin. We have  a weekly Physician’s Rounds meeting where he presents cases and we analyze, review history, labs, response to treatment and discuss next steps. Along with us, attending in a virtual space, is our terrific Clinical Development Program folks- comprised of 20+ doctors and clinicians who are learning FxMed. Their involvement makes our journey so enjoyable.

After I finished meeting with them, I met with a patient and reviewed all of their laboratory data. It was their second follow up visit with me. They are thrilled to “look under the metabolic hood” into what’s going on with them, including their nutrient levels, their hormones, food intolerances, toxins and what’s happening with the GI microbiome! I can’t tell you how thrilling and motivating it is for patients to see what’s going on inside themselves and what they can do to optimize it.

After that meeting, I hopped on a call with a research team out of Canada to discuss some of the “next generation” testing and protocols we will be using as we, as clinicians, move head-long into practicing “systems medicine”…. Its ALL inspiring work. Literally, every day. One more thing: Last night we had our monthly Journal Club meeting. This month’s topic was a review of research we recently conducted on toxins in bone broth! Stay tuned. We will be blogging about our findings.

What are the top 1-3 things that you feel have driven our success as a team?

Everyone who is a part of the DrKF team is compassionate, energetic, and inspired by the  practice of Functional Medicine. We love what we do.

What is one piece of advice you would offer someone who has either just started out in their online journey OR who has been at it for awhile? What is something valuable you learned and would share with others?

I gain so much pleasure supporting my team to dig deep and reach high for their passions. What we put out returns 10-fold.

What is a fear or reservation you have had at some point during your journey in the online space? Does it exist still in any form? How do you cope or move past it?

As Susan Blum says, when you’re about to do something scary but big (ie- send your first newsletter, publish your first blog or Youtube) just hold your nose and DO IT! And be consistent about it. 

One food you cannot live without

Is coffee a legal response here? 

What are you reading or watching right now? 

I went on a total news diet (remember?) hahaha… but I’ve caved recently and watched Morning Joe. Nooooo! My favorite read is The Scientist Magazine…