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  • Is consistency an issue for you? Fitness, food, sleep, etc? This podcast is for you
  • I may say some things you don’t want to hear…but I promise I have your best interest at heart
  • When we aren’t consistent about something we want to be consistent with, it’s because we’ve created “rules” or “standards for how those things can happen. The problem is, they hold us back. 
  • Find out if you are being high maintenance and how you can break that barrier down to get to where you want to be. 


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Going to start this podcast saying something that many of you might not want to hear but that’s kind of my job here. So bear with me, I think that many of us myself included at some points in my life are too high maintenance about our workouts about our exercise regimen and I think that understandably so all of the reasons and excuses, which actually let me not sugarcoat it their excuses, okay?


All of the excuses we make have some viability to them. They have some truth behind them. They have some plausibility. I will say that but most of them hmm scratch that all of them actually are an opportunity or yes. Okay, so I’m going to start again with just saying I have not always been very consistent in my workout. I have not always been where I wanted to be. I definitely cared way too much about what I look like versus how I sound, okay. So not this is not a podcast about judging everybody else who doesn’t work out as much as I do instead. I want to share with you my moment of like oh, this is how this is going to make more sense for me because hopefully it’ll help you be just a little bit better regarding your health and your wellness and if you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with Crossfit. I’m obsessed with Zumba. I’m a Zumba instructor. I have been for six years and I teach three times a week. I CrossFit as many days a week as I can.


Can usually four five I just like Fitness. I love moving. I’ve played Sports in college. I played Sports in high school. I have always just been somebody who likes to do really hard shit. Like if it’s not really hard and I’m not about to throw up. I know it sounds weird just add another layer to my weirdness. Like if it’s not that intense like I’m bored, but I I didn’t always used to be that way and I’m also not advocating that if you’re not like that then you’re not doing it. Right. So I want to kind of debunk that right away. I think Fitness looks totally different for everybody, it doesn’t mean that you have a six pack. It doesn’t mean that you are a certain size and your pants. It doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean you eat a certain amount of vegetables. Like none of that is relevant because every single person is very different and I think that the best thing that we could do is do a little bit of everything to decide what it is that we really enjoy doing and what is that we don’t enjoy doing because trying to force yourself to do something you Pate is absolutely going to not be effective. So I’m going to give you guys another little bit of homework here and I will so just add just so you guys know the joys of having a podcast and being a newbie like me is I recorded this entire podcast and realized I actually didn’t record it. I was just talking into the microphone to myself as I didn’t record it. So, that’s great. So anyway, hopefully that means this one’s actually better because I’ll trim it all the shit that I didn’t need to say in the last round. So here we go. Okay step one. We all have reasons. Why right? We all have reasons why we don’t work out and again, I’m going to stop you.


The word reasons and use the word excuses because that’s really what they are and I am going to be tough love about it right now. Okay at some point in our lives as adults. We just have to own our shit and I don’t know how else to say that because you know, there’s no one else that’s going to do it for you. And that doesn’t mean that it’s all easy. I’m not saying that at all. In fact life is really hard. Sometimes it’s really stressful. It can be really challenging but you at some point have to just say I am just going to do this thing. I’m just going to do it.


I’m just going to make that change. I’m just gonna decide to do it for myself. I’m just going to decide to do this thing and be a little bit better about it. That’s it. There’s no other way around it. Okay. Sorry, if that’s not what you want to hear. There’s no magic sauce. There’s no special pill. There’s no like secret group. You can join that will tell you have to just decide that you are tired of not taking care of your health. Like that’s it guys like sorry, not sorry. Okay. So the thing is again is that it does actually have to be this extremely time-consuming thing. It doesn’t have to be complicated doesn’t have to hurt. You don’t have to hate it. So what I want you to do is either mentally or write it down which I’m a big fan of writing it down is I want you to think about all the reasons. Why not like what are all your reasons? Why you haven’t is it because of time which of course is always a big one right? Like I’ve had so many messages over the years, especially on social media. People are like, how do you like buying time to do this? Like almost like I’m lucky or something like I get like, I actually have 30 hours in a day.


I don’t know why you don’t but like very like oh, how do you do that? Well, I just do it because I just fucking do it because that’s what I want to do because that’s important. I don’t have to tell you. Okay. So anyway Step 1, this is your homework is I want you to ask yourself. Why not why haven’t you and and this might actually not be things you verbalize to other people in the past. Okay, that’s fair. Maybe you say things to people because that’s the right thing to say because it’s more believable and maybe you have your own other insecurities that you haven’t.


And so now we’re kind of getting into doing some of this like yucky work that people don’t want to do but also tough love I don’t care if you want to be better. You have to do the dirty work. Okay, so you don’t even have to share this with anybody but you need to ask yourself. Why not? Are you embarrassed? Are you nervous? Are you not sure what you actually should be doing or is it time do you feel like your kids and your job and your husband and your house and all the chores and the errands are all of those things more important than working out which I would tell you right now as a mother as a dog mom as a wife as a business owner Fitness is as important as all those things to me. Yes, I said it. Oh my gosh, I’m crazy. I know outrageous Fitness is as important to me as being Rowan’s mother. That’s insane. Right? Well guess what? I don’t care if it’s true because without my help about my Wellness, I can’t be a great mom for her. I can’t okay. I want to be able to chase after I want to play with her. I want to live a long time. I want to see her kids, you know, I it matters.


That much so this might all sound very extreme to you. But I would just argue that you’re just not there yet. And I want you to be there because this is a good way to be. Okay. No one else is going to make you healthier except for you. So again back to Step One write it down be honest look in the mirror and ask yourself. Why not you have time we’re going to get to that in a second because time is everyone’s favorite excuse and it’s my favorite one to debunk. Okay, so I just want to ask you this.


Question when you wake up in the morning, do you sit up and get out of bed? Do you brush your teeth you go pee you eat breakfast. You have coffee. Do you say hi to your family you get in your car you go to work all the things that you would never think twice about put Fitness in that in that category put your exercise in that category things are going to start to change real quick. Okay. So again, if you are feeling like, oh, I don’t have a lot of time I used to say the same thing guys. Okay. I know I had more time before had a kid. Yes. Did I have more time with my


The smaller when I had less employees. Yes, of course. I had more time but guess what things just shift it around a little bit and this is where I say. I definitely was high-maintenance about my fitness. I was high maintenance if I couldn’t do things in a certain time by going to go to the certain gym and do the certain workout on this certain day. Like I was I mean, it’s about it. I do a routine person. I think a lot of us are I like to stick to my routine. I don’t like to, you know drift away from it. I don’t like to break it. But what I realize is that was not helping me at all.


Because life sometimes just happens and guess what life does not accommodate high maintenance? Okay. It’s not a good way to be. So if I am only going to fit my fitness into these boxes, but then life is throwing circles and triangles at me. Like who’s who is benefiting from that nobody so I realized that no matter what this is my rule. This still is my rule no matter what happens. I have to do something. Okay, it can be putting on YouTube on the TV and doing a Zumba routine. It can be going for a walk it can be doing


Push-ups it can be doing burpees. It can be riding my bicycle. It can be playing hide and seek with my dogs. Like I have to do something and I need at least 15 minutes a day. Okay. So yes, I normally try and go to the gym and I teach my Zumba classes and all that’s great. But like sometimes things happen right? Sometimes the day gets late. Sometimes my husband gets home from work later. Sometimes the weather is bad. Sometimes there’s a hurricane. I mean, there’s this we could really get into it here. Right? Like there’s a million things that can happen, but I don’t look at all of the


What if says something that’s going to deter me from doing that? I just look at it as a challenge in a way to be creative to make sure that I still move that I still sweat but I still get my ass outside. Okay. So again there I could say that 50 different ways but nothing is ever going to change until you have decided that you are going to do something every single day and I will say this to I sometimes do my Core workout in my daughter’s room when I’m laying on the floor with her playing like she’s playing she’s reading her books and I’m like, well, I’m not going to do this any other time today. So I’m gonna do it right here.


It takes me seven minutes. Okay, so you can do anything anywhere. It’s just about having some flexibility. It’s about finding some stuff that’s going to make you feel good. And I have a really good example about this. I reference recently that I had a back injury and I was not able to CrossFit for 5 weeks. I wasn’t able to teach Zumba for like three and a half four weeks. I really couldn’t do anything. It was really really obnoxious to me and I was so upset about it because it totally was like throwing my whole routine for a loop right and for the first


Few days. I was like, I don’t want to do anything and I can join I can’t do anything. I’m injured right and I just realized how shitty I felt so I started walking and walking. I mean you heard what I said earlier is boring. It’s not intense. I don’t like walking walking is easy, which it’s not actually I take that back after all of the walking. I did it’s a it’s a great workout. I mean I think walking is one of the most underrated workouts ever and so I started walking three and a half four miles every day, but my podcasts on in my ears and I just walked because I needed to move my body.


At my blood flowing I felt so good afterwards. It was amazing. Actually. I really feel like the universe was trying to teach me a lesson around how to how to kind of deal with things that come my way when I have to do to adapt and change things up. Okay, and so for me it was about just doing something there was an instance a couple years ago when there was a hurricane coming and I knew I was going to go to go outside for a little bit and so I went out on the porch and I did burpees and I did push-ups and I


Did Jumping Jacks and I did jump ropes and it just I just needed like 10 minutes 15 minutes to move because I knew I was going to be inside because of the storm. It’s like those it’s almost like just a those in between things. It’s like don’t overthink it like put the workout clothes on put your sneakers on and just do it for 10 minutes. Right? Like ask your significant other. I need you to just be here 15 minutes. I can just go run to the house down the street and back like I just gotta move. I just got to get outside and you know are all of these smaller things and all these things you fit in in between are they going to like, you know, are you have a six-pack overnight know?


But all these things being done at a small level every single day. Imagine how that builds up over the course of two weeks four weeks six months and a year all of those minutes and all of those things that you did to start moving that you were not doing before matter so much. So there’s really just no way around it. It’s just good for you and you just need to do it and the older you get the longer you wait, which I will say. I think you can start at absolutely anytime but the longer you wait. It is harder because your body


Changes as you get older and crash. I mean, I feel like my body’s changed so much just in the last couple years. I’m 31 years old and I’m like rough, but I’ve been moving for a long time. And so I feel like I am able to adapt and change what I need to do to continue to feel better. So my homework for you again is I really want you to ask yourself why you know, why not? Why not? Why not and look at every single reason why not as an opportunity to do it. It’s a solution as an opportunity and


And really there’s just no more room for excuses. Like I can’t say that enough times like it’s just you just got to go do it and even if it’s just a little bit every day, like should you have a good routine now, but plan for all the weird things that life throws your way. I mean, there’s nothing you can’t control those things, but you can control what you fit in in between and I encourage you to do that. And I think the other thing I really just want to harp on is that you know, everybody’s goals are different everybody’s level of Fitness is different and it wasn’t until


I really started caring more about how I felt versus how I looked that things started to change for me. In fact, you know, it didn’t happen overnight, but it was a very eye-opening experience to transition from being very caught up in what I look like, which I didn’t think was very healthy and I think ice I’m not completely clear of that. By the way, I still care, you know, and I still definitely get self-conscious about stuff. I think we all do or we all have at some point, but when I started realizing that how I felt mattered so much more and


My feeling of myself like my health and my energy and my sleep and my memory and my appetite everything that just went along with being physically healthier as that started to become more prevalent the other things started to matter less and that was liberating guys like to really just be like man. I feel strong like I could protect myself right now. I can pick up my kid I can play with her. I can lift things. I can we don’t I can help my


I move the furniture like I don’t need I don’t need somebody else to come do that. You know, like I just feel like I am building myself for my life and it was so empowering and I realized that all of this stuff about how I looked just followed suit, like I didn’t have to think about it. I threw my scale out years ago. I have no idea what I weigh and I don’t care because I feel great and there isn’t a right number. You know, when I am lifting more I am that number is higher. I’m leaner though. I’m leaner my clothes fit differently. I mean, it’s all of these things follow suit like


My skin is clear when I’m sweating and working out regularly. I feel like my appetite is different. I crave healthier foods. I crave more water over wine when I’m working out more. I mean those things will come they will it’s about how you feel. Are you feeling good when you wake up in the morning, I love when I wake up and I’m sore that’s the best feeling ever and it’s also a reminder of how grateful to be for being healthy. I mean, especially when I was injured it actually was very eye-opening for me to realize that man some people


Unfortunately don’t you know, they just they don’t have all of the physical capabilities that I have and you know, some people do get sick more and that’s you know, I’m grateful for how healthy I am going to reward myself for being gifted with health. And and and I am you know, and yes, I’ve taken a lot of those things into my own hands, but you know my legs work and I am able to do a lot of these things and I should never take that for granted and you know, I think actually the universe was definitely teaching me a lesson with this injury.


Because I was really upset. You know, I really was sad. I was I felt oh man. I felt really depressed. Actually. I’m not going to lie. I was very challenging for me to try and accommodate that but it was a very eye-opening moment an opportunity for me to find a silver lining for me to you know, be more grateful about my situation and make something work anyways, so it’s easier said than done. I do know that but I also know that your brain is so powerful and that every single opportunity.


You have to take a problem and solve it and to make it into an opportunity opportunity is not only just making you better physically because you’re now working out more and moving your body more. But every opportunity you have to do something you didn’t think you could do. I mean that is changing you for the better in ways that I could never explain to you and and you might not even know it right in the moment, but you should know deep down somewhere that when you do things that you don’t want to do because they will make you a better person that is actually the essence of all of this thing.


Like that, is that is it that’s where it’s at right there. Like if you can overcome your insecurities or your embarrassment or your fear or your laziness or you’re just bad habit of wanting to just drink wine and watch Netflix at night instead of going for a long walk like whatever and I’m not touching you I do that sometimes but if you can overcome those things and make those habits into better habits that benefit you in the long run you are just transforming yourself. Seriously. It sounds so frou-frou. I know but like that is really that’s where it


That that is that is self improvement if I’ve ever seen it. So so I’m just going to recap what I think you guys really should consider and think about especially if you ask yourself right now, am I super happy with my fitness and my super happy with where I’m at and the answer is not hell. Yes. I love how I feel. I feel healthy. I feel fit. I feel light. I feel agile. I feel vibrant like if those are not I’ve all of those are not happening for you right now write down why you’re not doing it right it down. Why are


Not getting your ass out there and moving going to the gym going outside finding something that you really enjoy doing write it down and look at it. And this is the hard work and I need you to do it and you just ask yourself why no more excuses. I love you guys so much but enough is enough. We’re all grown-ups here. Okay and figure it out. I mean you you can you can that is that it’s called being adult being don’t tell being a better adult figure it out and I can just tell you this right now. It’s not always going to be easy. It might be frustrating you.


Might hate me after this podcast whatever but you will not regret it. You won’t regret it. You won’t regret it. You won’t regret it. You won’t regret feeling better and healthier and fitter and I just encourage you guys to do it and I know you can and yeah, keep me posted and if you think you have a really good excuse that I that is like the real reason why you can’t message me because I’m gonna help you out with that. I’ll just show you why that’s a bunch of bullshit. Okay.


And yeah until next time guys.


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