Hold Yourself Accountable

The Scoop Why are we so quick to judge others and hold others accountable? It’s typically a reflection of ourselves. Social media has created a landscape that makes it easy to judge the actions…

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Woman jumping

Stop Being Scared to Set Goals

The Scoop  We’re scared to set goals because we’re afraid of failing. We don’t want to say it out loud or tell people in our circles because what if it doesn’t work out?  If we can truly accept…

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Basketball net at sunset

Kobe’s Death – A Lesson in Empathy

The Scoop  Why was the world so shook up over Kobe’s death?  How is it possible to feel so much emotion over someone we don’t know personally?  How does empathy connect us further?  Why is it so…

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Woman thinking

Turn Negative Thoughts Around

The Scoop  It’s important to know that any negative thoughts prompted by how other people treat you or what they say to you, has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them.  Did you…

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Friends laughing together

Not Everyone Likes You

The Scoop  What happens when you spend time trying to accommodate other people? You end up taking away from working on your true self. Don’t do that… The fact is, it is the most impossible task to…

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Woman working on laptop near flowers

Stop Overexplaining Yourself

The Scoop  Women tend to over explain themselves significantly more than men. Why? Over explaining yourself does the exact opposite of what you think it does. It reduces credibility. It makes you…

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Woman walking outside

Stop Doing Things You Don’t Want To Do

The Scoop  Why do we do things we don’t want to do?  Where does the pressure come from to do the “right” things? Sometimes these things are so not true to our authentic selves.  How can we really…

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Standing on grass

Water Your Own Grass

The Scoop  Shitting on someone else’s lawn doesn’t make yours greener… Abundance - There is enough room for everyone, all of their energy, all of their ideas, and all of their entire human self.…

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Woman drinking latte with notebook

Take the Damn Compliment

The Scoop  Stop saying the word blessed. Yes, it’s a pet peeve. But you are not just luckily graced by the universe or God for all of the great things that happen to you. Take some credit.…

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High maintenance woman

You’re Being High Maintenance

  The Scoop  Is consistency an issue for you? Fitness, food, sleep, etc? This podcast is for you I may say some things you don’t want to hear...but I promise I have your best interest at…

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Woman planning schedule

Power Over Problems

Scoop We all have problems. Obviously. But how do we honestly work through them?  Learn to turn your problems into really honest learning opportunities that make future problems easier to deal…

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Experience Equals Compassion

Scoop The bottom line -----> If you haven't done a lot of shit in your life, then you are less likely to have compassion for people who live through that "shit". There, I said it. Do more, feel…

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New Born Baby

Baby Growing Up? It’s OK to be Sad

The Scoop I SWORE I wouldn't be this person...here I am being THAT person! Best lesson learned as a semi new mommy = There are only a few right answers. The rest is totally up for grabs. We're all…

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Woman drinking coffee

Judge Less – Better with Daffnee Podcast

The Scoop I'm encouraging you to Judge Less. Judging is SUCH a habit, but like any habit, can be broken or changed, and can be used for good. What kind of example are you setting for your family…

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Sun rays in clouds

Silver Linings – Better with Daffnee Podcast

The Scoop There ARE silver linings in all situations. It's EASY to not acknowledge or find them. It takes time and effort to find it but it's so rewarding when you do! I say things that are kind…

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Woman listening to podcast

I’m Here Now – Better with Daffnee Podcast

It's about damn time. Finally releasing episode 1 of my podcast and I'm pumped. This podcast is for you if you have any interest in any of the following: parenting, self-growth, career,…

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